Renaissance Garden

The Renaissance Garden project is based on the contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage. Music is the main source to revive the spirits of the past, and contemporary music performances in the authentic ambience of the old Dubrovnik summer villas bring an unusual experience of art to the audience.

The motto of the project are the musicians who appear as fairies, the mythical creatures from the legends of the Dubrovnik river Ombla, where numerous old villas are situated.

Each performance of this project is an artistic intervention of the revival of the spaces where rich cultural and social life was once held, thus this summer villas become a common gathering place for artists and their audience.

The Renaissance Garden project was premiered in 2016 in the summer residence of Bunić-Kaboga. It contains many components that make it innovative and interesting; expert guidance through the history of the Dubrovnik heritage, live music performance and multimedia.

The Renaissance Garden project is at the permanent repertoire of RIM organization. Since 2016, it has been realized with the support of the City of Dubrovnik, the Foundation Caboga Stiftung and ACI d.d. As a multimedia concert it was produced by Dubrovnik Summer Festival in 2018, and since 2019 it has been implemented in cooperation with Dubrovnik Heritage org as a heritage interpretation program for visitors to the Bunić-Kaboga summer residence.

Renaissance Garden

Author team:

Concept: Ivana Jelača
Synopsis assistant: Petra Jelača
Consultant: Maja Nodari
Documentary-visual materials: Iva Dedo
Photography: Katarina Karakaš Spiroski
Costumes: Duška Nešić-Dražić



Marojica Bijelić, host

The Rest is Music chamber ensemble:
Ivana Jelača, piano and artistic leadership
Marija Lešaja, soprano
Ines Ivanjek, flute
Ana Dražinić, violin (2016-2018)
Andrea Dizdar, flute (2016-2018)
Vedrana Dizdar, clarinet (2016-2018)
Nastasja Palčok, cello (2016-2018)

Duration: 75 min