Ivona Bura

Ivona Bura was born in Dubrovnik(Croatia),1984. She began  her artistic journey in 1994 in the Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik led by Professor Božidar Jurjević and Slaven Tolj. Then she attended  Art high school in Dubrovnik, where she graduated in 2002. She graduated in 2009 on Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb,Croatia (Department of Painting) in class led by Professor Duje Jurić. She is continuing further training in the studio of spanish painter Xavier Serra de Rivera in Barcelona. She exhibited in Art Factory, Barcelona (Spain), Cultural Center El Casino, Manresa (Spain),Youth Gallery, Dubrovnik (Croatia) ,Weltschmerz,Rector’s Palace,Dubrovnik (Croatia) ,Talent Lab, Barcelona (Spain), SoulmadeBcn,CCCB, Barcelona (Spain), Youth Gallery, HDLU Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dubrovnik Art Moment 3, The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (Croatia).

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