Concept of The other side of History project is based on the interpretation and revitalization of Cultural Heritage. It introduces visitors to the social and historical atmosphere of the 18th century Dubrovnik Republic. Considering that the Dubrovnik Museums own an exceptionally valuable, and in the world the rarest historical instrument-fortepiano built by Viennese builder Anton Walter in 1790, which restoration made it possible for performing again. The project contains specialized costumed  performance on historical instruments with storytelling. The aim is to revive the time in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Joseph Haydn and Luka Sorkočević lived and worked. As the music program contains representative examples of Dubrovnik’s musical legacy, the project highlights the value and richness of Croatian tangible and non-tangible Heritage. Dubrovnik cultural environment is depicted in the context of European music events of the time. The other side of History project is on the permanent repertoire of the RIM organization.

The project was first performed for the International Museum Day and the European Museum Night on May 18, 2014.After a number of costumed concert performances in  the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik, the project was also presented abroad. Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Croatian-Austrian Society of Dubrovnik, with which cooperation started in September 2014, the RIM organization has twice been present in Austria. In co-operation with the Croatian-Austrian Society and the Austrian Cultural Forum, international cultural co-operation in the Culture of Croatia-Austria 2017 was achieved.

The multimedia application of the fortepiano was presented in the same year. Created as part of the Other side of History project, it is first contemporary presentation of the fortepiano, which is a part of the permanent exhibition of the Cultural History Museum in  the Rector’s Palace. The application is projected through a tablet that is situated near the instrument and contains a short history of instrument development, information on its restoration, and most importantly; audio-visual recordings of musical performances realised by Ivana Jelača.

In 2018, Ivana Jelača has released the cd edition of music perofrmed on the Dubrovnik fortepiano, as a continuation of this multi-year collaboration with Dubrovnik Museums and for the purpose of a more complete presentation of this exceptionally valuable Walter’ instrument. As far as known, there are around 30 Walter’ instruments preserved in the world – one is in Salzburg in Mozart’s native house and one in Eisenstadt, where Joseph Haydn lived and worked for a long time.

The project is realized in partnership with the Dubrovnik Museums, supported by the City of Dubrovnik, the Friends of the Dubrovnik Antiquity, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia- the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Austria.


2014. International Museum Day – European Museum Night
Cooperation with the Croatian-Austrian Society
2016. Performance in Vienna
2017. Concert on the occasion of multimedia presentation  in the Year of Culture Croatia-Austria
2018. Performance at Eisenstadt
2019. The Museum Night in Dubrovnik

Concept: Ivana Jelača

Ivana Jelača, fortepiano
Marojica Bijelić as Ruđer Bošković
Dora Kamber, viviolin lina (2014, 2018)
Stjepan Nodilo, classic oboe (2016)
Georg Lehner, baritone (2017)

Duration: 60 minuta

The other side of history

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