International Masterclass Ardea is project co-financed by EU funds from the Creative Europe Program. The leading partner is Akademija Čapljina (BiH), NGO The Rest is Music (Croatia) and Ustanova Gallus (Slovenia). Project has been implemented from 01/05/2017-01/05/2018.

ARDEA has achieved greater cooperation among three European countries and increase professional and private capacities of European musicians through training and education.It promotes the culture and development of European networks, and cooperation and education among the warring populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina using the music as its medium of communication (Peace by Piece). It has provided opportunities for cooperation among musicians and the exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills in different music instruments .Ardea intends to set up a transnational network of 3 organizations located in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, engaged to provide an excellent and diverse form of high musical education and performances to young talented classical musicians, by jointly exposing them to master classes with internationally renowned musicians with different musical backgrounds. Ardea’s main objectives are: – Young Musicians – contribute to the developing of young musicians’careers & employment; expand the number and range of musicians trained through its activities, provide skills,ccompetence and expertise that strengthens the sector; help expand young European musicians’ audience to an additional European country; connect and establish cooperation between people of different religions, races, nations and worldviews through music.

Activities conducted by The Rest is Music NGO was primarily related to working with young musicians; first through the workshop and performance of the musical-scenic collage during the Masterclass in BiH, and then through the concert tour of the chamber group- trio Ardea in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, where a workshop and performance of the collage for young high school students were held. Experience in both activities was very positive; participants of the workshops and audiences were actively involved in performances that were related to the sociological aspect of music, linking interesting things from the life of a composer and emphasizing music as a universal language that does not know the language, national or other barriers. In organizing project activities related to the concert tour, the association has successfully collaborated with partner organizations both operationally and administratively.