New multimedia presented in the Villa Bunić-Kaboga

On Monday, September 2nd, starting at 9:00 pm, the last of this year's performance of the Renaissance Garden project took place in front of a large crowd at the Bunic-Kaboga mansion. In addition, the audience saw for the first time the new multimedia content created by the Association in collaboration with Dubrovnik Heritage Ltd. with which he continues to develop cultural programs in the mansion in the future.

The entire little jubilee of five years was celebrated last night by the Association Everything Else is Music, because that is how long our carefully designed cultural programs last at the Bunic-Kaboga mansion. We began our collaboration with the Caboga Stiftung Foundation in 2014, performing art programs at the renovated Bunic-Kaboga Mansion. Each of the programs is designed in accordance with space and heritage - Renaissance gardens and spaces of Dubrovnik mansions, which represent a unique example of country architecture and urban deliberation, as well as a gathering place and artistic creation.

The Renaissance Garden project, which premiered in 2016, is based on a contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage and is based on a mythical one. This one-hour music program, “framed” by visual materials and the short guidance of Marojica Bijelić, host in the spirit of Bernard Kaboga, introduces visitors to a magical setting, recalling the ancient times of the Dubrovnik countryside.

Following the performance, with a commemorative reception prepared according to traditional Dubrovnik recipes, multimedia content was presented to the public for the first time, giving insight into the wider cultural context and significance of Dubrovnik summer residences. The association Everything else is music was created by him in collaboration with Dubrovnik Heritage d.o.o.

This is the beginning of the development of the project in the form of cultural tourism and the branding of the mansion as a place for interpretation of cultural heritage. Content will be available to all visitors to the mansion from next year.

Villa Bunić-Kaboga multimedia

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